Dark Version of Pastel OS Theme

Hey everyone! A few days ago, I shared a special theme for realme and Oppo phones called Pastel OS. But here’s the thing: ColorOS doesn’t let themes work properly when your phone is in dark mode.

So, like always, I had to make a separate dark version of the theme. In this article, I’m going to share that dark version of the Pastel OS theme with all of you.

Features of this Version

To be honest, there aren’t any extra features in this theme compared to the original Pastel OS. The reason I always create a separate dark version is because some people prefer using dark mode on their phones all the time. They’ve gotten used to it and find it more comfortable.

They’ve complained that they couldn’t fully enjoy my themes because they only worked in normal mode, not dark mode. So, if you’ve already used our regular Pastel OS theme, you probably know what to expect from this one.

However, I’d still recommend checking out this dark version because I’ve made some minor changes. I’ve switched up the wallpaper, the Quick Settings notification panel, and the lock screen wallpaper, giving it a fresh look.

And for those of you who haven’t tried our original Pastel OS theme, just so you know, it’s inspired by my favorite season of the year—spring. So, you’ll find some leafy or green nature elements in this theme.


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How to Apply this Theme

To apply this theme on your realme and Oppo devices, just follow these simple steps.

First, open your file manager and select the theme you want to apply. You’ll see an option called “Send” at the bottom of your phone screen. Tap on it. Next, you’ll see a bunch of apps available on the share page. From those apps, select the theme store. Then, tap on “Free Trial”. Your theme will apply within 5 to 10 seconds.

But there’s a small catch: after using the theme for about 3 to 5 minutes, you might see a trial error. But don’t worry, I’ve already made a tutorial on my YouTube channel showing how to easily extend this trial period. So, if you don’t already know how to fix that issue, go ahead and check out the tutorial!


In conclusion, I hope you enjoy using the dark version of the Pastel OS theme on your realme and Oppo devices. While there aren’t any additional features compared to the original theme, I’ve made some minor adjustments to give it a fresh look.

Remember, applying the theme is a simple process, but you may encounter a trial error after a few minutes of use. Not to worry though, as I’ve provided a tutorial on my YouTube channel to help you easily extend the trial period. Thank you for your support, and happy theming!

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