How to Find AirPods When Dead or Offline

How to Find AirPods When Dead or Offline

Dropping one of your AirPods at the gym or leaving the pair inside the charging case behind isn’t that rare. As long as the devices are charged, it is pretty easy to find the exact location. But things get difficult when your AirPods or the charging case is dead or offline. So, how to find … Read more

How to Change Ownership of AirPods? A Complete Guide!

How to change airpods ownership

Today I will talk about how you can change ownership of AirPods. Whether you want to sell your AirPods or buy AirPods from someone else, transferring ownership is necessary. Without transferring ownership, new users can’t connect the AirPods to their Apple devices.  But many people don’t exactly know how to change ownership of AirPods. You … Read more

Dropped Your AirPods in Toilet? Here’s What You Need to Do

AirPods Pro Dropped in toilet

One fine morning when you are responding to nature’s call and listening to some soothing music, your AirPods might be dropped into the toilet. That is surely a horrible experience, not just because the AirPods get dirty but also because the AirPods are pretty expensive.  So, what should you do if you have dropped AirPods … Read more