How to Reset Forgotten Passcode on iPhone

Forgot iPhone Password

If you’re wondering how to reset your iPhone passcode because you forgot it, there’s good news. iPhones come with special features that let you reset your passcode right from the phone. Most of us use passcodes on our iPhones to keep our stuff safe. But sometimes, if you haven’t used your phone for a bit … Read more

How to Block Adult Websites on iPhone or iPad

How to block adult websites from any iPhone or iPad

In this information technology era, keeping your kids from smartphones might be challenging. And these phones open a whole new world to them which is only appropriate for adults. In this guide, I will tell you how to block adult websites on your kid’s iPhone. Parental control is crucial to keep your young safe. You … Read more

Which iPhone Has the Best Battery Life in 2024

Which iPhone has the best battery life

As the innovation in smartphones has seen somewhat of a peak, users now focus more on the functionality of smartphones. To be more specific, the battery life of an iPhone is a crucial parameter in deciding what iPhone model we should pick.  So, which iPhone has the best battery life? The answer to this question … Read more

How to Scan a Document on iPhone

How to scan a document on iPad or iPhone

Be it a class note, office document, or purchase receipt, we often need to save and share various documents. Scanning documents might sound like a fuss, but you can easily do it with the built-in Notes app on your iPhone. Today we will dive deep into how to scan a document on iPhone easily. You … Read more

Google Pixel Fold Is Officially Released

Google Pixel Fold Is Officially Confirmed

Google has officially confirmed the Pixel Fold release on May 10, 2023. Recently, we saw some Tablet-like screenshots of a Google phone. Seeing them, someone says that it is a screenshot of Google’s upcoming Tab. Others thought it was a screenshot of Google’s foldable phone. But the good news is that Google itself has completely … Read more