HTC U23 Pro 5G: The Comeback Phone From HTC 2023

HTC U23 Pro 5G appears on Geekbench with full specifications. No doubt this is a massive comeback of our favorite HTC Phones.

You know, at one time HTC phones were very popular among us. HTC was the best in the Android world except for iPhone. HTC even released the world’s first metal body phone which is HTC One (M8).

However, with the evolution of time, HTC companies like Nokia disappeared from the market.

What is the HTC U23 Pro 5G and Why Should You Care?

HTC U23 Pro is a New Phone coming after 3 years from the company. In 2020, HTC released its last flagship phone HTC U20 5G. This is why you should care about it. Many of us love our old HTC brand as we did for Nokia.

By the here are the Geekbench image and Specifications:

HTC U23 Pro 5G Geekbench Score
  • Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 (4 Cores 1.80 GHz, 3 Cores 2.36 GHz, 1 Core 2.40 GHz)
  • 12GB RAM
  • Adreno 644 GPU
  • Android 13

Will HTC fail again?

After many years, Nokia brought some of its phones to the market. The only reason a Nokia phone is lost is not using the Android operating system.

Nokia wanted to proceed a little differently than all other companies. So they came out with the Windows operating system on their smartphones instead of Android.

But it did not last long because the Android operating system had many more features than the Windows system.

But today’s topic is not Nokia but HTC. What can be lost after the return of HTC? It’s hard to say exactly why HTC stopped manufacturing their phones. However, if HTC can deliver their phones to consumers at a good price, the old brand will soon become popular again.

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