The upcoming iPhone 16’s physical shutter key lets you control Zoom with a swipe!

There are rumors that Apple is designing a new button for the next iPhone 16 models. This button is not the same as the Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro. Instead, it’s going to be a new button, like the power button, but specifically for taking pictures/Videos. If Apple does that then it will be great. Isn’t it?

Today, I’ve got even more exciting news to share. The shutter button won’t just be for taking pictures — it will also have a Zoom In and Zoom Out feature. Let me break it down for you.

A new physical button?

According to a report from “The Information,” Apple is set to include a camera shutter button in their upcoming iPhones. This won’t be a touch-sensitive key, but rather a physical button located on the lower right-hand side of the devices.

The button is said to be responsive to both pressure and touch, bringing about the potential for a couple of additional features.

The shutter button functionalities

If you lightly tap it, it helps with focusing, and a firmer press does the job of capturing an image or kicking off a recording. This follows a familiar pattern observed in other phones rocking physical camera buttons. For instance, the latest Sony Xperia 5V offers a physical 2-stage shutter button.

What sets Apple apart is the ability to swipe left or right on the button for seamless zooming in or out. While most smartphones rely on volume keys for zoom adjustments, Apple’s approach keeps your finger right on the capture button. It’s promising because this method might allow for more precise zoom adjustments with slower swipes.

Will it be only for Pro models?

Now, here’s the exciting part: the camera button is currently undergoing testing not only on the Pro models but also on the non-pro models.

This raises our hopes that this feature might become a standard across all iPhone 16 models, not just exclusive to the Pro versions.

Our opinion

Having a dedicated shutter button could simplify the process of taking photos on the iPhone, providing users with a quick and easy way to capture moments.

If Apple indeed includes this feature in the iPhone 16 lineup, it could be a welcome addition for photography enthusiasts and casual users alike.

The convenience of a separate button for snapping pictures might enhance the overall user experience and make capturing memories even more enjoyable.

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