How to ROOT Realme 10 Pro+ Easily

Today I will show you how to root Realme 10 Pro+. As mentioned earlier this article is only for Realme 10 Pro Plus or RMX3686 model only. If you are a Realme 10 Pro user, this article is not for you because it won’t work on the realme 10 or 10 Pro Model.

After unlocking the Bootloader of the Realme 10 Pro+ device. I searched a lot but could not find any method through which the phone can be rooted. After much research, I finally found the technique. And how to root this phone is being posted first on this website ever.


Please do this at your own risk. If you follow everything in this post properly then your phone will not have any problem. However, if there is any problem, I will not take responsibility. Thank You.

Let’s Start

First of all, you should have these things

  • PC/Computer
  • Data Cable
  • ADB and fastboot Drivers installed on your PC
  • Unlocked Bootloader of your phone

How to unlock Bootloader

The first step in rooting any Android Phone is to unlock the phone’s bootloader. So to root realme 10 pro plus you need to unlock the bootloader first. I posted a video on my YouTube channel quite a while back on how to do it. You can watch the video by clicking here.

How to install Drivers

Download ADB & FastBoot Driver on your Computer & then install the driver.

Download Boot.img & vbmeta.img

Please download the Boot and vbmeta files according to your current software version. For example, If you are on RMX3686_11_A.22 then download the A.22 files & If you are on RMX3686_11_A.24 then download the A.24 files.

I will continuously update this post whenever realme pushes a new OTA Update. Remember that, If you flash the wrong boot.img & vbmeta.img files then your phone will go to Bootloop.

Software VersionBoot & vbmeta file (ZIP)
RMX3686_11_A.24Click to Download
RMX3686_11_A.22Click to Download

Patch Boot File

After downloading the ZIP File on your phone, extract it. Here you will see a file named boot.img. You need to patch this file using Magisk Manager.

Download Magisk Manager’s Latest version from GitHub. Then Install & Open Magisk Manager Apk > Tap Install > Select and Patch a File > Now select the Boot.img file which you just extracted > Tap LET’S GO.

Now Magisk will patch your stock boot.img file into a rootable boot file. You will find your Patched boot file in Download Folder on your phone.

Copy the patched file to the folder in which you get it from the zip file. Now Move the whole folder from your phone to your PC.


First, you need to Switch OFF your phone. Then take your phone into fastboot mode by holding the volume down and the power button at the same time for 8 to 10 seconds. Then connect your phone to your PC using a data cable.

Open minimal adb driver and write these commands

fastboot devices
fastboot --disable-verification flash vbmeta

After writing this command, put a <space> then drag & drop the vbmeta file on the cmd prompt. Hit Enter

fastboot flash boot

After writing this command, put a <space> then drag & drop the Boot file on the cmd prompt. Hit Enter

fastboot reboot bootloader
fastboot reboot


You Rooted your Realme 10 Pro+ successfully. Wait for some time while booting the phone. This may take some time to boot up. After booting up install the Root checker app and check. You will see your device is now Rooted.

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  1. Bro is it 100% working? I have firmware of A.24 are the boot.img and vbmeta.img the same in zip file? i wont be stuck in bootloop right?

  2. Já estamos no a.30 e nada de tutorial para fazer root. Foda de ter telefone desconhecido eh isso. Se fosse um xiaomi da vida iria ser fácil encontrar 🥲


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