Realme 11 Pro+ Is Coming Soon in India

Realme released the Realme 10 Pro+ a few months ago and the Realme 11 Pro+ has already arrived. Today I will share the full specifications of Realme 11 Pro+ with you.

I collected the image you see above from Chinese social media. This is going to be the design of Realme 11 Pro Plus.

Realme 11 Pro+ Specs

  • 6.7″ FHD+ 120Hz curved AMOLED display
  • MediaTek Dimensity 1080 Processor
  • 200MP Primary (most probably with OIS)
  • 8MP Ultrawide
  • 2MP Depth
  • 2MP Macro
  • 32MP Selfie
  • 4500mAh Battery
  • 100W Faster charging speed

When comes to India?

The phone will be launched in China first, and we do not yet know the exact release date. After China, we expect to release the phone in India.

The phone will not be limited by realme only to the Chinese market like the Huawei Nova 11. It will be launched globally.

Realme 11 Pro+ listed on bis

In the picture above you can see a list on India’s BIS website. Before releasing any phone in India companies has to list the phone model on this website.

Realme has listed the model number of the 11 series on this website. Realme will release the phone not only in China but also globally and in India.

What’s your opinion?

Do you think Realme’s upcoming XI series will be a success or a flop?

At the beginning of Realme company, they had a reputation for releasing four-five phones in a month. It was closed for some time. In 2022, we saw that Realme released only four or five phones in the entire year.

Meanwhile, Realme’s old CEO Madhav Seth has been replaced by a new CEO. Maybe he decided to release four or five phones a month like before.

Do you think the company will do well if Realme releases more phones like this? Share your opinion by commenting.

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