The iPhone 15 Pro: A Last-Minute Design Update

Recently, we heard about a last-minute design update to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

This might be bad news for old Apple fans. Apple is ditching the traditional Mute Switch completely in the next iPhone 15 lineup.

Instead of the traditional mute switch, these devices will now feature an Action button like the Apple Watch Ultra.

What is an Action Button

There’s an action button we’ve seen on the Apple Watch Ultra. As for how it works, you can assign any type of shortcut to the button.

Let’s say you need to go into workout mode with one click, so if you set the action button that way, pressing the action button will turn it on.

Apple is going to do the same with its iPhone 15 series. Until now you could only mute and unmute the phone using the mute switch. But now you can launch any shortcut on the phone through the action button.

This new Action button is a significant change from the traditional mute switch. It allows users to program the button to control the mute functionality or to do something completely different.

The possibilities are endless and it will be interesting to see how users take advantage of this new feature.

Suppose you need to turn on the flashlight of the phone, you can do that also through the action button. Or maybe you need to open the camera quickly, you can do the same.

Will iPhone 15 sucks?

There have been other iPhone 15 leaks and rumors except for the Action button. Maybe this was a disappointing one for the iPhone 15 Pro. However, with Apple’s track record of delivering exceptional products, it’s safe to say that the next generation will still be a device to look forward to. Tell us what is your point of view in the comment section.

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