Where’s How Samsung Z Flip 5 Will Look Like

A rendered image gives us a clear view of how the Samsung Z Flip 5 Will Look Like.

Samsung Z Flip 5

As you can see in the image above, the design is very similar to last year’s Flip Four.

But the big difference is its cover display. All the flip series phones Samsung has released to date have had very small cover displays.

A few days ago, the cover display used by Oppo Find N2, the first foldable phone, is at least twice the size of Samsung.

So there is a lot of criticism about it. Because the journey of flip phones started with Samsung, but Chinese brands like OPPO have released updated-looking phones from Samsung.

What’s New in Samsung Z Flip 5

Samsung Z Flip 5 inner display

Talking about innovations, there will be no change in the main display inside the phone. The internal display will be the same as the last Flip 4.

However, the outer i.e. cover display will be changed. As you can see in the rendered image, the size of this cover display will be greatly increased.

Not only that, but the display’s aspect ratio is also slightly different from other phones.

When the iPhone 10 first released the phone with a notch, the display will be implemented a different aspect ratio.

Samsung can offer an oval-shaped display like Oppo.

Since this is only a render, it is not yet possible to say exactly what the final design will be. But it is thought that maybe Samsung will not give a design like an oppo to their phones.

So we can trust the rendered images above to some extent.

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