iOS 17: You Can Install Apps Outside of the App Store in

Finally, you can Install Apps outside of the App Store in iOS 17 on iPhones.

In simple words, on an Android phone, you can download apk file from anywhere except Play Store and install it.

But with the iPhone, this was not possible until now. To install any apps, you only had to do it from Apple’s App Store. Even now, you can’t side-load any apps into the iPhone from anywhere other than the App Store.

But it is known that Apple is going to add this feature with iOS 17.

iOS 17 can side load apps

You may be wondering if the Android app extension is Apk. So what will be the extension of the iPhone app? According to the news, the app extension for iPhone will be .IPA

.Apk Vs .IPA

The full form of .apk is Android package kit

On the other hand, the full form of .IPA is iOS package App

Why Apple will do that?

Appke logo

Companies like Apple don’t break their old traditions without a big reason.

You have already heard, under pressure from the European Union, Apple will remove the Lightning port in their iPhone 15 series and give USB Type C.

Just under some pressure, maybe Apple is going to bring the old-fashioned features of Android to the iPhone after so many years.

But I think it would be nice to do it. Then you don’t need Apple ID to install any app.

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