41mm VS 45mm Apple Watch

Apple is ruling the smartwatch market with its feature-rich Apple Watches and the Series 8 has been launched as the latest generation of these watches. Like previous generations, two size options are available for Apple Watches. One is the 41mm Apple Watch and the other is the 45mm Watch.

So, what is the difference between 41 vs. 45mm Apple Watch? The 45mm variant has a larger display as expected, and it also has a larger battery. So, it weighs more than the 41mm variant. 

Some other differences are also noticeable between these two variants. In this guide, we will elaborate on the differences between these options to help you choose the best one. Let’s get started.

41 Vs 45mm Apple Watch: Head-to-Head Comparison

As the design and features of these two variants are identical, you might have a hard time figuring out which one is suitable for you. Clear your confusion with the detailed comparison below.


The first difference you notice between these two models is their dimensions. The 41mm Apple Watch has an overall dimension of 41 x 35 x 10.7mm. So, you might understand that 41 denotes the vertical length of the watch. The 45mm Apple Watch has an overall dimension of 45 x 38 x 10.7mm. So, the vertical length of this model is about 4mm higher than the other model.

At the same time, the difference in their horizontal length is also noticeable. The 45mm Apple Watch is 3mm wider than the 41mm Apple Watch. As a result, the 45mm Apple Watch is more suitable for users with large wrists.

41mm or 45mm, Which is ideal for your Wrist?

If you don’t have any idea about which size is going to fit you, the official size chart can help you.

Firstly, Download the size chart PDF and print it out. While printing, make sure to not select “Scale to fit”. You have to print it at 100%. You will get more instructions in the PDF, follow all of them to measure the size correctly.

If your wrist measures from 1 to 5, the 41mm Apple Watch is suitable for you. But if you have larger wrists, from 5 to 12, the 45mm variant will fit you better. So, you should always check your wrist size before choosing the model.

Display Size and Resolution

41mm and 44mm display

As you might already assume, the 45mm variant of the Apple Watch has a bigger display than the 41mm one. If we talk figures, the 41mm Apple Watch has a 1.69-inch display, whereas the 45mm Apple Watch has a 1.92-inch display. Though this might not sound substantial, you will feel the difference while using both models.

Due to the smaller display, texts or images appear smaller on the 41mm watch. But the 45mm watch shows slightly larger texts that are easy to read. It is also easier to type on the 45mm watch due to the larger display.

In the smaller Apple Watch, you get a total display area of 904 sq mm. It has a resolution of 352 x 430 pixels. But the larger 45mm Apple Watch has a 1,143 sq mm display with a resolution of 396 x 484 pixels. So, the 28.7% larger display on the 45mm Apple Watch can make big differences while checking your emails or sending a text message to your friends, or checking the maps.


It is also presumable that the bigger Apple Watch will have a higher weight. But as Apple uses different materials in Apple Watches, it requires elaboration on weight differences. If you consider aluminum watches, the 41mm Apple watch will weigh about 32g. But the 45mm variant will weigh about 38.8g.

The weight difference increases in stainless steel models. The 41mm stainless steel watch weighs about 42.3g, whereas the 45mm stainless steel watch weighs about 51.5g. The titanium models also have a weight difference of about 8g. 

So, if you choose the larger watch, you need to bear the increased weight all day long.

41 Vs 45mm Apple Watch: Battery Life

Apple Watch 41mm vs 44mm Battery life

This is where things start to get confusing. Many users expect the battery life on the larger watch to be longer. But it doesn’t happen in reality. Why is it so?

The 41mm watch has a 282 mAh battery but the 45mm Apple Watch is equipped with a 308 mAh battery. So, it should last for longer. But as it has a larger display, the battery consumption is also higher. As a result, you will get an average battery life of about 18 hours from both models. The charging time is also almost identical.

Band Options

Apple Watch Band Options

Apple Watch bands are loved accessories by many users. They often swap between bands to match their attire. But these two sizes of Apple Watch don’t come with similar band options. 

If you choose the 41mm Apple Watch, Modern Buckle and Hermes Attelage Double Tour are the only band options. But the 45mm watch has four band options. They are the Silver Link Bracelet, Space Black Bracelet, Hermes Attelage Single Tour, and Hermes Single Tour Deployment Buckle. But you can customize both models with third-party straps.

The bands also come in different sizes for different models. The 41mm variant will come with 22mm straps, whereas the 45mm watch will come with 24mm straps.

Price differences between 41mm & 45mm Apple watch

A few days ago, We talked about the difference between Apple Watch GPS VS Apple Watch Cellular. The price difference is also noticeable between these options. If you opt for the GPS-only variant in 41mm, it will cost $399. But the price for the 45mm GPS-only variant goes up to $429.

When it comes to GPS + Cellular models, the 41mm watch costs $499 and the 45mm watch costs $529. So, there is a $30 price difference between similar models. You should carefully choose the right model depending on your budget.


Apple Watch is the most used watch on the planet. It comes in so many variants that picking a suitable model is challenging for users who don’t get into the nooks and crannies of the models. This is why the 41 vs. 45mm Apple Watch argument is so trendy.

In this guide, we tried to draw a clear picture of their differences. Though these models share the design and features, they are different in dimensions, weight, battery size, strap options, and price. So, choosing an Apple Watch model from these two options depends on one’s preference.

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