How the Realme 11 Pro Looks Like in Real Life

Finally, the Realme 11 pro live image is available. A few days ago I told you that Realme’s 11 series is coming soon. I showed you some blurry pictures in that article.

Because until then only the information about the phone was known through some unofficial leaks. But now the image of the Realme 11 pro phone is officially available.

A Chinese boy holding Realme 11 Pro.

In the picture above you can see a Chinese boy sitting with what looks like a Huawei phone in his hand. Interestingly, it is not a Huawei phone, but Realme 11 pro.

Is Realme 11 Pro a Copycat?

As you know, copying the designs of premium brands is an old habit of Realme. Realme 10 Pro series can be shown as proof of this. It also looks exactly like a Huawei phone.

But I would say there is nothing wrong with premium design. If a brand is inspired by the design of another brand and offers a premium design at a lower price, then it is good.

Realme is doing the same thing. I myself am a user of Realme 10 Pro+. Realme has offered so much in the phone at such a low price which is unimaginable.

For example, take the case of a curved display. Apart from Realme, no other brand has released a curved display phone for just 25 thousand Indian rupees.

Confirmed Specs

  • MediaTek Dimensity 7000 Series SoC
  • 6.7″ FHD+ 120Hz Curved AMOLED Display
  • 200MP OIS + 8MP + 2 MP depth
  • 32MP front facing
  • 4500mAh Battery
  • 100W Fast charging (Charger Included)
  • realme UI 4.0 (Android 13)
  • In-display Fingerprint Sensor,
  • Dual loud Spiker
  • Plastic frame, Leather-back design


Realme released their 10 Pro series not long ago. In that respect, the next 11 series should have come out at least after another 6-7 months. Because when a user buys a new phone, at least one year phone should be new.

Whenever the next version of a new phone hits the market, the price of the previous version drops drastically. So I think Realme 11 series should have been released after some time.

Although the phone has just been spotted in the Chinese market. It will take two to three more months for the phone to arrive in India or globally.

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