OPPO Find N3 flip and OPPO watch 4 Pro launching on August 29 in China

OPPO has just said that they’re launching the Find N3 flip phone and the Watch 4 Pro in China this August. Now, let’s talk about what cool things these devices can do and how much they might cost.

OPPO Find N3 flip Exclusive Features

OPPO Find N3

The OPPO Find N3 flip phone will be available in a beautiful golden color. They might also release other colors later, but for now, they’ve only revealed the golden color on their official poster.

Once upon a time, OnePlus used to have a special feature on their phones called the Alert Slider. This slider made it super easy for users to quickly mute or unmute their phones. However, after a few years, OnePlus decided to stop including the Alert Slider on their phones. Many OnePlus fans didn’t like this decision at all.

OPPO Find N3 flip with Alert Slider

But here’s some good news: OPPO is now bringing back that iconic Alert Slider on their phones! And guess what? It’s making its return on the OPPO Find N3 flip phone.

The N3 flip phone is arriving with a three-camera setup on its back. The way the cameras stick out is quite similar to certain OnePlus phones, such as the OnePlus 11.

Just like OnePlus, OPPO has partnered with Hasselblad, which is why you’ll notice the Hasselblad logo on the camera bump.

According to a lot of rumors, it seems there will be a camera lens capable of zooming 2x optically on this phone.

Some information about the OPPO watch 4 Pro

OPPO is all set to launch the OPPO Watch 4 Pro alongside the Find N3 flip phone. Right now, there isn’t any official information about the watch’s specifications.

OPPO watch 4 Pro

However, from the official poster, it’s clear that the watch will have a curved design that goes vertically. This design choice should make the watch really comfortable to wear, which is something we can easily anticipate.

Launch Date

Both of these OPPO products are scheduled to launch in China on August 29, 2023. However, there isn’t any official information available yet about whether they will be launched globally or not.

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