Samsung S24 Ultra: What We Know so far (Leaks & Rumors)

Every February, Samsung introduces its top-of-the-line S series smartphones. To keep up with this tradition, they’re planning to launch the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra phone in 2024. Today, we’ll let you know all about the cool features of this upcoming phone.

What we’re going to see on S24 Ultra

Here is a sneak peek of all the features of the Samsung Galaxy 24 Ultra based on many leaks and rumors.

  • Upgraded Display with higher PWM rate
  • Exynos Chip
  • Flat screen with symmetrical bezels
  • Bigger battery with fast charging upto 45W
  • Upgraded Camera modules

Upgraded Display Panel with high PWM

In this year’s S23 Ultra, Samsung has implemented a display with a notably low PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) rate. For those unfamiliar with the concept, the PWM rate refers to how quickly the screen flickers.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Flicker issue

A lower PWM rate might lead to discomfort or eye strain for some individuals, as the flickering can be more noticeable. While PWM is often used to adjust brightness, a very low PWM rate can potentially cause discomfort or even eye damage over extended usage periods.

Looking ahead, Samsung is making a significant change in response to concerns about eye strain.

In their upcoming flagship Samsung S24 Ultra, they are planning to implement a display with a higher PWM rate. By opting for a higher PWM rate, Samsung aims to strike a better balance between brightness adjustment and minimizing the potential impact on eye health.

Exynos Chip on Samsung S24 series

Exynos chip on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

For many years now, Samsung has been using Snapdragon processors in their S series flagship phones. This change happened because their own Exynos chips didn’t work very well a while back. That’s why they decided to switch to Snapdragon chips, which performed better and made people happier.

But guess what? There’s a new rumor going around. It says that Samsung might go back to using their Exynos chips in the upcoming Samsung S24 series phones.

This news has caught the attention of tech fans and Samsung followers. We’re not exactly sure about all the details yet, but if this happens, it could mean that Samsung has made some good improvements to their Exynos chips.

People are excited to hear more about this and find out if the rumor is true!

Finally, the Flat Display on Samsung S24 Ultra

Flat display on Samsung S24 Ultra

Samsung has a thing for curved display panels in their Ultra series phones, like the S22 Ultra and S23 Ultra. These panels definitely make the phones look really cool.

However, there’s a catch. Curved displays come with their own set of problems. Some folks have noticed annoying issues like a darkened area on both sides of the screen and accidental touches. It’s like a trade-off between looks and functionality.

But hold on, here’s the exciting part: Samsung seems to be changing its approach. For the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra, they’re thinking of going back to using a flat display with symmetrical bezels.

This means they’re listening to users and trying to find the best balance between style and usability. It’s all about giving people a great phone experience without those pesky curved display problems. Let’s see how this change turns out!

Bigger Battery capacity with so-called fast charging

Guess what? Samsung could be giving the upcoming Samsung S24 Ultra a bigger battery. The exact amount of battery power, measured in mAh, isn’t known yet, but word on the street is that Samsung is seriously thinking about making it larger. That’s exciting news for those who want more juice to power their phone all day.

Speaking of power, for the past couple of years, Samsung has been using a 45W fast charging technology. It’s pretty speedy, but here’s the scoop: they might just stick with the same 45W fast charging for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – in today’s world, there are phones that charge super quickly, like up to 200W. But here’s the thing: Samsung isn’t jumping on that train.

Why, you ask? They’re actually being careful not to push the battery too hard. They want to keep the battery healthy and make sure it lasts a good while. It’s like taking care of your phone’s heart, and it’s a smart move.

So, while other phones might have super-fast charging, Samsung’s focusing on keeping things steady and reliable.

Upgraded Camera Modules

Samsung is stepping up their camera game for the Samsung S24 Ultra. They’re giving the camera module a boost, which means better pictures for you. Initially, there was a rumor floating around that the S24 Ultra would be equipped with a 5× sensor – that’s pretty impressive!

But here’s where it gets even cooler. Samsung is really focusing on making those 5x zoom shots look stunning. They’re using a 3x 50MP zoom feature that’s going to enhance the image quality a lot.

So, when you zoom in to capture those faraway moments, the pictures will be super clear and detailed, thanks to this awesome upgrade.

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