Xiaomi 13 Ultra will comes With 1-Inch main camera Sensor

It’s confirmed that Xiaomi 13 Ultra will launch in China on 18 April 2023. But there is some exciting news about the phone. Xiaomi confirmed that it will have four 50MP rear cameras, including one with a 1-inch sensor and variable aperture.

What is Variable aperture?

Variable aperture is a technology that allows the face of the lens to be made smaller and larger. It helps to control the amount of light that enters the sensor. It can also affect the depth of field, which is the range of distance that appears in focus in a photo.

Generally, this technology is used on Mirrorless or DSLR Lens. The good news is the Xiaomi 13 Ultra can do the same. 13 Ultra can switch between f/1.9 or f/4.0 aperture, depending on the lighting conditions and the desired effect.

For example, a wider aperture (f/1.9) can create a blurred background effect (bokeh), while a narrower aperture (f/4.0) can keep more objects in focus.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra VS iPhone camera

As you all know the iPhone is the best camera phone in the market today. Especially the video recording quality of the iPhone can not be given by any other phone in the world.

However, this record of iPhone may be broken by Xiaomi 13 Ultra. Because the 1-inch sensor used in it is usually used in semi-professional cameras.

But good quality is not achieved by hardware alone. Hardware needs good optimization as well.

Both Google and Apple focus more on software than hardware. That’s why their hardware is not so attractive but the output is excellent.


The variable aperture feature in smartphone cameras is not new. Earlier Samsung and Sony used this technology in their phones. But the feature is really attractive with a large sensor of 1-inch size. Now it’s time to see how the phone performs in real life.

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