Xiaomi used Leica Summicron Lens on Xiaomi 13 Ultra

Xiaomi will soon launch its 13 Ultra phone with a Leica Summicron lens. However, Xiaomi will not release this phone in all countries. We can confirm from this post that it will be released in some countries and not in some countries. Recently Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun posted this image of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s launch event on his Twitter handle.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra Launch Event

What is Leica Summicron

Leica is a famous camera brand in over the world. You know different phone companies collaborate with different camera brands to release new phones.

As OnePlus usually collaborates with Hasselblad. Vivo on the other hand polarizes with Zieess.

Similarly, Xiaomi has now collaborated with the Leica brand. As a result, we will see the Leica Summicron lens in the Xiaomi 13 Ultra phone.

It is going to be the best camera phone in the world as it uses Leica lenses. Yes, you heard it right, this Xiaomi phone with Leica lens will be the number one camera phone in the world.

Even it will beat iPhone & Samsung easily in terms of Camera & Color Science.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra Availability

✅ List of countries where this Xiaomi 13 Ultra will be released:

  • China
  • Global
  • EEA (Europe)
  • Russia
  • Taiwan

❌ The phone will not be released in countries where:

  • India
  • Turkey
  • Indonesia
  • Bangladesh

Final Word

In the present context, the above list is stated with absolute one hundred percent certainty. But the phone may be released in India or Bangladesh after a few months. However, this cannot be guaranteed at present.

It is not so practical to launch this 13 Ultra on the Indian market. Because nobody wanna buy a Xiaomi phone at a high price. Ask yourself, If are not a Tech Enthusiast person, will you buy a Xiaomi Phone worth Rupees 1 Lakh or higher?

Probably not.

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