Dark MIUI 14 Theme for Realme and Oppo devices

Today I will share with you the MIUI 14 Dark Edition theme for Realme and Oppo devices.

On 7 April 2023, we posted an article on our website. The post says how you can install Xiaomi MIUI 14 on any realme oppo phone without Root. The MIUI 14 theme we shared in that article was the normal version.

You know that if you turn on dark mode while using any theme of the normal version, then the theme does not work on the realme oppo phone.

So for those who prefer a dark version theme, I have to make a dark version theme separately.


You can see the overview of this theme in the screenshots.


If you are using the normal version of MIUI 14 then you don’t need to tell about its new features. Because in terms of features, the normal version and this dark version are exactly the same.

The only difference is that it was in the normal version and this is in the dark version. So if you are a Dark Theme lover then you will love this theme.

Home & App Drawer

You will find an App Drawer with a transparent effect. If you look closely, the clock widget looks exactly like the MiUI.


You will get the original MIUI 14 icon with a fully black background in the settings panel.


If you are using Realme’s own messenger app, this theme will also make it black. And if you are using Google’s messenger, there will be no change.


As you know you can use Colorways default dialer by downloading it from the play store. I see many using it and many not. If you are using this theme, it will also change its color to black.

Lock Screen

You will find many types of features on the lock screen. Like the normal version, you will also get miui40’s fingerprint animation. So if your phone has an under-display fingerprint sensor then this is good news for you.

MIUI 14 Stock Wallpapers

As I said in the video, If you wanna try more MIUI 14 Wallpapers Click Here


This theme is made just for you. Many of you are not able to buy and use premium themes from the theme store. Because there are many students who do not have any kind of income now.

That’s why I make free themes for you. If you like my themes, please let me know through comments. I can make many more types of themes if I get encouragement from you.

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