Google Pay Randomly Giving Free Money Right Now

If you are using Google Pay then you can also get free money right now! A report says, Google Pay Randomly Giving Free Money Right Now.

Not believing? Many users on Twitter and Reddit are posting that they have suddenly received free money from Google in their Google Pay accounts.

The Google Pay app explains why this money is being paid. It says “Rewarded for dogfooding the Google Play Remittance experience”.

How much you can get?

Well, google is paying different amounts to different people. Some are getting 100 dollars, some are getting 200 and some are getting below 50 dollars. One says he got $1,072.

Source of this News

I first saw the news from a Twitter user Mishaal Rahman. He logged into his GPay App and saw that $46 in free money had been credited to his account.

Then he went to Reddit and saw that not only he but many other users were getting the money.

How to get the money?

It’s being offered only to US residents. If you are Indian you may or may not get it.

But whether you are from, you must check your account once.

To check you need to go to the GPay app and swipe to the deals tab. If there is any free money left for you then you can see it in the rewards option.

If you are considered eligible, you will get the money by claiming your reward.

Is it a Bug?

I think it may be a bug in Google Pay aka GPay. Because nobody will give you some extra bucks for doing nothing right?

But if you already received the tip, then you don’t need to worry about it. I am sure that Google will never retrieve the money it already gives to users.

So, Enjoy your free money or give it to someone else who is homeless or really needs it.

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