AirPods Pro 3rd Gen Will Come With a Mini Display on the Case

A nice leak of Apple’s AirPods Pro 3rd Gen is doing the rounds on Twitter. AirPods Pro 3rd Gen Will Come With a Mini Display on the Case.

As you can see in the image above, the AirPods Pro has a small display inside the case. According to the leaks, Apple is going to upgrade its popular AirPods series display for the first time.

Airpods 2nd Gen VS 3rd Gen

Apple released AirPods Pro second generation along with their iPhone 14 series.

The second generation has improved a lot from the first generation. I am using the second generation myself, so I can say that the experience is really amazing.

Although I have not used the first generation of AirPods Pro, I can say from the reviews on YouTube that the second generation is ahead of the first generation in all aspects.

Benefits of the mini display

The display is going to be added for the first time in a TWS. But it is not only to enhance the beauty, all the functions of Airpods can be controlled through the display.

For example, you can pause any music playing, and go to the next or previous music, etc.

Not only that, but you can also see how much charge your AirPods have.

Cons with the display

Everything in the world has both good and bad characteristics. The same applies to the 3rd Gen of AirPods Pro.

Because of the display, you get many extra features, but for that, the battery backup of the case may be reduced a lot. Because running a display definitely requires extra power.

If Apple can come up with a new battery technology that can provide battery backup for a long time even with a small-size battery then maybe there will be no problem.

And since this is just a leak, it is not 100% sure whether Apple will bring any such AirPods. We just have to wait.

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