Here’s why Samsung S23 Ultra’s display is not LTPO

Samsung has used an LTPO display in their galaxy s23 Ultra. You all know this more or less. But according to a new report, the feature of the LTPO display is not seen in the S23 ultra phone.

What is LTPO?

LTPO stands for Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide. And its function is that the refresh rate of the display can fluctuate from a minimum of 1 Hz to a maximum of 120 Hz depending on the user’s usage.

What’s the catch

LTPO is usually found in flagship phones. Because it is an expensive technology. Having it saves a lot of phone battery. Samsung also claims to use LTPO technology in its Galaxy S23 Ultra phone.

However, a YouTuber turned on the option to show the refresh rate from the phone’s developer options to test it. You can watch the video by clicking here.

Then he checks when the phone is doing nothing. Or even when the phone is turned off only with always on display, the refresh rate does not drop to 1 Hz. But if there was LTPO, then it should go down to 1 Hz, right?

But that doesn’t mean the refresh rate isn’t going up or down. The refresh rate ranges from a maximum of 120 Hz to a minimum of 24 Hz.

Does Samsung lie to us?

To that, I would say, not at all. A company like Samsung will never do something that destroys its brand value.

Since Samsung has used the LTP technology, the refresh rate is up and down. Be it as low as 24 Hz. If there was no LTPO technology, it would not have done this up-down. So it can be said that Samsung is not lying to us.

Then the question arises in your mind, why does it not go down to the minimum of 1 Hz?

Well, I can’t give any proper explanation or official explanation. But I think for some reason Samsung has limited it through software.


Finally, I will say that the display used in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra phone must be of LTPO technology. Maybe Samsung will fix the current 1 Hz refresh rate problem with the next software update.

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