Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Specs Leaked by Ice universe

Very happy news for Samsung lovers. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 series is coming soon. Several aspects have been improved from last year’s Galaxy Was Series 5.

According to a tweet by a very popular leaker Ice Universe on Twitter, the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 series will have a bigger dial size of 1.47 inches. Not only that but the resolution of the display will also be increased much more than before.

Samsung lovers will be happy to finally see Samsung improving the display on their watches.

Problem with the previous generation

Last year’s 5 Series had quite a few issues. From the feedback of those who bought it, it is known that many people are facing many kinds of problems.

One says he’s not happy with his Watch 5. Because the watch is not able to track his walking properly. Others say the battery backup has let them down.

More Info about Watch 6

Galaxy Watch 6 Leaks

At the moment, there are no other leaks of the Galaxy Watch 6 series. But it is believed that this series of watches will be much better than last time.

Those who have used old Samsung watches know that the watch could be operated by rotating the bezel around the watch.

Samsung has also removed that in their series. Samsung has to face a lot of criticism. So we can expect the upcoming series to have a rotating bezel like the old series.

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Battery backup will also be improved over the previous one. Because if the dial size is big then the watch size will be big and if the watch size is big then the battery backup will be more available.


Honestly, If Samsung did a good job on this series, then it can compete with the industry-leading Apple Watches. I Wish, at least Samsung came back with the rotating bezel function.

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