Download Android 14 live wallpapers for any Android Phone

Today I will tell you how to Download Android 14 live wallpapers for any Android phone. As you know Android 14 is not yet open to everyone. Just released two beta version which is only for developers. But through today’s post, you can use the official wallpaper of Android 14 on your phone.

About the Wallpapers

You might have used 3D Parallax-type wallpaper at some point. These wallpapers look very lifelike, it seems as if the objects are coming out of the phone’s display. You will get the same effect in these wallpapers.

Below in this post, You will see a download button & from there you have to download an app called Android 14 Live Wallpaper.apk. Install it after downloading. Interestingly, You will get six wallpapers in that one app.

How to Apply

If you are using a brand phone that has Google’s stock Android UI (eg. Motorola, Nothing Phone) Then you don’t need to download any extra apps to apply wallpaper.

You will first go to customization by tapping on your phone’s home screen. Then go to Wallpaper & Style and go to Change Wallpaper.

Here you will find an option for live wallpaper. Once you enter it, you will see the Android 14 wallpapers. From there, click on the one you want to apply and apply.

And if your phone is realme, Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, or any other brand phone that has Custom UI like OneUI then you need to download the Google Wallpaper app from the Play Store.

Once inside the app, you will see the option of Life Wallpaper. So you can go inside and apply the wallpaper.



If your phone’s Android version is very old, I request you not install this wallpaper app. Because the wallpaper is made targeting the new Android version.

That doesn’t mean only Android 13 or 12 will do this though. It will work very well if your phone is at least android 11. So I will not take responsibility if any problem occurs on your phone after installing the wallpaper on any version below Android 11. So install at your own risk.

Some phones feel a bit slow after installing the live wallpaper. So if you feel the same in your phone then restart the phone once. Hope your problem gets fixed.

Many thanks for reading the article.

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