Get All Paid fonts FREE on Realme Oppo Theme Store

Hello friends, how are you all, today I will show you how to Get All Paid fonts FREE on Realme Oppo Theme Store. It may sound unbelievable, but you can easily use any premium front free from your realme oppo phone theme store after reading this post thoroughly.

Some Words

The method I am going to tell will work on all Android versions and Theme Store versions. But one thing I want to say to you is that the price of these fonts inside the theme store is not that high.

You will get almost all fonts for 30-35 rupees. So if you can afford to buy, you buy and then use. So that the creator of the font will also benefit. And if you don’t want to spend money, you can read this post and use the fonts for free. The method was very similar as like iOS emoji installation on realme phone.


First, go to the Play Store and install ZArchiver and zFont apps. We will need these two apps while installing fonts. Then go inside the theme store and apply any premium font of your choice as a 5-minute trial.

After the font is applied go inside the ZArchiver app you downloaded from Play Store. Then go to settings by pressing the three-dot option > Settings > file list > Enable Show Hidden File

Go back to the ZArchiver homepage and go to the Android > data > com.oplus.themestore/com.heytap.themestore > files > Themes > Data > Resources > font.

Now, You will see some files, that are actually font files. You have to copy your current applied font. If you see multiple files on there then it will be hard for you to find the correct one.

But there is a simple hack. Go to your Theme Store & Delete all the downloaded fonts except your applied one. Then go back to ZArchiver and refresh the page. Walla, You will see only one file instead of many. That’s the actual font that you are looking for.

Now, Copy the file and paste it somewhere else. Then rename it as font.ttf. Congratulation, You are almost done!

Now go to the zFont App > Local > Tap the plus(+) icon > Add file > Now choose the font.ttf file which you just renamed.

Then tap Install & Install the app.

Go to Theme Store & Apply the Default Font. (This is important)

Now Open phone Settings > Additional Settings > Language & Region > Region > Search Myanmar & Select. Now you will see a new option coming out as “Support Dai Characters”. Enable it & you are done!

You will see your font was changed.

Video Tutorial

You can watch this video tutorial of this post:

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